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            Servicing small to mid size businesses since 2000.
            Free Quote

            OUR SERVICES

            SERVER REPAIR

            Our repair and replacement services include the most popular operating systems for improved performance and efficiency;? Windows, Linux and others.

            VoIP SETUP & DESIGN

            We setup and design the latest in communication technology using the VoIP communication for faster and easier business collaboration and conferencing.


            We design in-house and online backup plans that include test managing and data recovery for savings and peace of mind.

            NETWORK DESIGN

            Increase your productivity, server economy and network strength. We design simple to complex voice and data networks for a broad range of businesses and industries.??

            CLOUD SERVICES

            We provide cloud-based strategies for today and the future that can help maintain costs, scale

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            down storage requirements, increase collaborative efficiency, and promote workplace flexibility.

            CYBER SECURITY

            Protect your network, computers, and data. We provide cyber security investigation and configurations. PCI certified. We can do PCI mitigation and installation.


            Our services include a wide range of professional and technical capabilities, from the integration of third-party products to complete needs analysis and complex project design/implementations. Advanced Solutions assures its clients of the full utilization of minimized investments through its commitment to providing highly professional and quality services.






            What People Are Saying

            We have used Advanced Solutions for 18 years.
            Great company, very honest.

            Chris Apsley

            CFO, Keller Williams

            Great service. Very prompt.
            Always on time and on budget.

            Barbara Schiffner

            Natomas Unified School District

            Advanced Solutions

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            provides ATI with technical expertise when needed. They are a great business partner.

            Victor Aranda

            President, ATI

            One of the best companies I have worked with. If you

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            have issues call these guys.

            Wayne Geide

            Technology Director, Newcastle Elementary School District

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